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    Sodium 3-mercaptopropanesulphonate,CAS No. 17636-10-1.
    CAS No.: 17636-10-1 Formula: C3H7NaO3S2Molecular Weight: 178.21
    Synonyms: 3-mercapto-1-propanesulfonic acid sodium salt
    Sodium 3-mercapto-1-propanesulfonate
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    5-amino-3-methyl-1H-pyrazole-4-carboxylicacidethylester,CAS No. 23286-70-6.
    CAS No.: 23286-70-6 Formula: C7H11N3O2Molecular Weight: 169.18
    Synonyms: 1H-Pyrazole-4-carboxylic acid, 3-amino-5-methyl-, ethyl ester
    ethyl 3-amino-5-methyl-4H-pyrazole-4-carboxylate
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    4-Piperidin-4-ylphenol,CAS No. 62614-84-0.
    4-Piperidin-4-ylphenol Cat No.: EBD42344
    CAS No.: 62614-84-0 Formula: C11H15NOMolecular Weight: 177.24
    Synonyms: 4-(piperidin-4-yl)phenol
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    1-(quinolin-3-yl)ethanone,CAS No. 33021-53-3.
    1-(quinolin-3-yl)ethanone Cat No.: EBD42345
    CAS No.: 33021-53-3 Formula: C11H9NOMolecular Weight: 171.2
    Synonyms: 1-(quinolin-3-yl)ethanone
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    1,1,1-Trichlorotrifluoroethane,CAS No. 354-58-5.
    CAS No.: 354-58-5 Formula: C2Cl3F3Molecular Weight: 187.38
    Synonyms: 1,1,1-Trifluoro chloroethane(HCFC133a)
    Tris(triphenylphosphine)chlororhodium,CAS No. 14694-95-2.
    CAS No.: 14694-95-2 Formula: C54H45ClP3RhMolecular Weight: 925.21
    Synonyms: Wilkinsons catalyst
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    AMPPD,CAS No. 122341-56-4.
    AMPPD Cat No.: EBD42370
    CAS No.: 122341-56-4 Formula: C18H23O7PMolecular Weight: 382.34
    Synonyms: 3-[2-spiroadamatane]-4-methoxy-4-[3-phosphoryloxy]-phenyl-1,2-dioxetane)Dioxetane Phosphate
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    Boc-L-cysteine,CAS No. 20887-95-0.
    Boc-L-cysteine Cat No.: EBD42374
    CAS No.: 20887-95-0 Formula: C8H15NO4SMolecular Weight: 221.27
    Synonyms: N-(tert-Butoxycarbonyl)-L-cysteine
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    (S)-2-Phenylpyrrolidine,CAS No. 59347-91-0.
    (S)-2-Phenylpyrrolidine Cat No.: EBD42400
    CAS No.: 59347-91-0 Formula: C10H13NMolecular Weight: 147.22
    Synonyms: (S)-2-phenylpyrrolidine
    Cupric hydroxide,CAS No. 20427-59-2.
    Cupric hydroxide Cat No.: EBD42402
    CAS No.: 20427-59-2 Formula: CuH2O2Molecular Weight: 97.56
    Synonyms: Copper(II) hydroxide
    copper dihydroxide
    1-Ethyl-4-fluorobenzene,CAS No. 459-47-2.
    1-Ethyl-4-fluorobenzene Cat No.: EBD42406
    CAS No.: 459-47-2 Formula: C8H9FMolecular Weight: 124.16
    Synonyms: 1,4-ethylfluorobenzene
    benzene, 1-ethyl-4-fluoro-
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    Cupric oxalate,CAS No. 814-91-5.
    Cupric oxalate Cat No.: EBD42430
    CAS No.: 814-91-5 Formula: C2CuO4Molecular Weight: 151.56
    Synonyms: Copper(II) oxalate
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    4-(Aminomethyl)-2-fluorobenzonitrile,CAS No. 368426-73-7.
    CAS No.: 368426-73-7 Formula: C8H7FN2Molecular Weight: 150.15
    Synonyms: 4-(Aminomethyl)-2-fluorbenzonitril
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    4-methyl-benzaldehyde,CAS No. 104-87-0.
    4-methyl-benzaldehyde Cat No.: EBD42436
    CAS No.: 104-87-0 Formula: C8H8OMolecular Weight: 120.15
    Synonyms: p-Tolualdehyde
    3 - Chlorosalicylaldehyde,CAS No. 1927-94-2.
    3 - Chlorosalicylaldehyde Cat No.: EBD42438
    CAS No.: 1927-94-2 Formula: C7H5ClO2Molecular Weight: 156.57
    Synonyms: akos bb-6958
    (S)-1-(4-Methoxypheny)ethylamine,CAS No. 1912-43-2.
    CAS No.: 1912-43-2 Formula: C11H11NO2Molecular Weight: 189.21
    Synonyms: (S)-1-(4-Methoxypheny)ethylamine
    2-Methylindole-3-acetic acid
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    Maltotriose,CAS No. 1109-28-0.
    Maltotriose Cat No.: EBD42466
    CAS No.: 1109-28-0 Formula: C18H32O16Molecular Weight: 504.44
    Synonyms: O-α-D-glucopyranosyl-(1→4)-O-α-D-glucopyranosyl-(1→4)-O-α-D-glucopyranose
    N,N-dimethylformamide di-tert-butyl acetal,CAS No. 36805-97-7.
    CAS No.: 36805-97-7 Formula: C11H25NO2Molecular Weight: 203.32
    Synonyms: (t-BuO)2CHNMe2
    N,N-dimethylformamide di-tert-butyl acetal
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    4-Bromo-2-nitrobenzaldehyde,CAS No. 5551-12-2.
    CAS No.: 5551-12-2 Formula: C7H4BrNO3Molecular Weight: 230.02
    Synonyms: 4-Bromo-2-nitrobenzaldehyde
    benzaldehyde, 4-bromo-2-nitro-
    cis-3-(BOC-amino)-4-fluoropyrrolidine,CAS No. 351369-12-5.
    CAS No.: 351369-12-5 Formula: C9H17FN2O2Molecular Weight: 204.25
    Synonyms: tert-Butyl (4-fluoro-3-pyrrolidinyl)carbamate
    (4-Fluoropyrrolidin-3-yl)carbamic acid tert-butyl ester
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    Methoxyacetonitrile,CAS No. 1738-36-9.
    Methoxyacetonitrile Cat No.: EBD42498
    CAS No.: 1738-36-9 Formula: C3H5NOMolecular Weight: 71.08
    Synonyms: 2-Methoxyacetonitrile
    2-Chloro-5-Fluoro-4-Formylpyridine,CAS No. 884494-54-6.
    CAS No.: 884494-54-6 Formula: C6H3ClFNOMolecular Weight: 159.55
    Synonyms: 2-chloro-5-fluoro-pyridine-4-carbaldehyde
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